The Haunted Hydro In Fremont, OH To Celebrate Thirty Years Of Fear

Later this year, The Haunted Hydro in Fremont, OH will celebrate thirty years of fear, and this iteration could stand to be the the biggest to date. As one of the longest-running independently-owned haunted attractions in the United States, the Hydro, owned by Fremont’s own “Crazy Bob” and Beth Turner, is a tourist destination for Halloween lovers and thrillseekers alike. Those who would prefer not to wait until autumn to get their scare on need not worry, as the dark attraction park will be hosting its Halfway to Halloween event this May, aptly named Monster Mayhem.

The Haunted Hydro gets its name from the building where the madness and magic happens, an old hydroelectric plant erected in the early 20th century. And yes, the grounds are said to be haunted, particularly in several rooms of the Hydro. Even the most seasoned of actors have had their share of paranormal experiences within the three-foot-thick concrete walls of the Hydro.

What separates The Haunted Hydro from nearly every haunted attraction is their approach to the presentation. The actors and managers of the haunt build the sets from the beginning, dedicating weekends and even weeknights to “Da Build.” The cast and crew of the Hydro are directly responsible for the look and feel of the scenery, beyond just their own look for a night. Actors are by and large discouraged to use full masks in their costuming, and are instead urged to be made up by their own hand, or by one of the veteran actors of the haunt. All of this leads to a true ownership of the product, and the free reign given by the Turners has led to a number of successes both in and out of the haunt in its storied history.

Monster Mayhem runs Friday, May 3rd and Saturday, May 4th. In addition to the haunted house itself, patrons can enjoy a selection of escape rooms for a small fee. There is also a gift shop on site with all manner of merchandise, and a Ghoul’s Gallery featuring artwork and memorabilia from throughout the decades-long run of The Haunted Hydro.

The Haunted Hydro is located at 1333 Tiffin Street in Fremont, OH. More information on this and other upcoming events can be found on their social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


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