Dario Argento Enters The World Of Video Games With 'Dreadful Bond'

Following his amazing success in the world of cinema with classics such as Suspiria, Deep Red, Phenomena, Tenebre, among many others, Master of Horror Dario Argento has decided to cast his wicked magic on the video game medium.

Dreadful Bond is his first video game in the role of artistic director. It’s a project that recalls many of his motifs and ideas, quite like one of his films, delivering "a story where the deepest love meets the darkest abyss of horror."

"Dreadful Bond is a project that's very close to my themes, to my films, to my dreams: it has something deep that struck me immediately," says Argento.

In the supernatural, psychological video game thriller, where the identity of the first-person playable character remains unknown at first, players will find themselves exploring the abandoned Wharton Manor, a place holding both the key to ancient secrets and the memory of recent horrors. As in every good mystery, understanding what happened is just the surface of the truth. What matters most is what lies beneath. "Why" is the key - and the why in Dreadful Bond is not a discovery suitable for everyone.

After figuring out the rules of this sprawling prison-like mansion (which is filled with strange voices, dreamscapes, memories and shadows) players will eventually be able to reveal the secret of the obscure “Empuros” and its connection to the atrocious acts committed in the manor. Anguish and horror follow the character along an elaborate personal hell, while players take part in a chilling story of alchemy, mysticism, love and death.

For a fully immersive experience the player will be guided by sound, exploring the house and collecting clues following a first-person viewpoint. You only see what the character sees. Everything is designed to rely heavily on the narrative use of lighting.

To learn more about the game and to secure your copy, visit the Dreadful Bond Kickstarter campaign.


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