[Trailer] Full Moon Releasing 'The Day Time Ended' Remastered In HD

Full Moon is dialing back the clock 40 years to revisit one of their most requested titles, made before Full Moon was Full Moon. Even before the birth of Empire Pictures. Get ready, because 1979’s The Day Time Ended is coming to streaming and Blu-ray, now in a totally remastered HD version with new and improved FX shots supervised by Paul Gentry.

In The Day Time Ended, produced by Full Moon founder Charles Band and directed by the legendary John “Bud” Cardos (Kingdom of the Spiders, Mutant, The Dark)...

"Deep in the desert, a rural American family is forced to endure a night of inter-dimensional, extra terrestrial terror when a UFO appears over their home. Suddenly, the clan is besieged by a warring race of reptile monsters, a fleet of lethal, laser-shooting miniature spaceships and rift in the very fabric of time and space itself."

Starring Hollywood legends Jim Davis (Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter), Dorothy Malone (Creepshow 2) and Christopher Mitchum (son of actor Robert Mitchum), The Day Time Ended is a lively, bizarre fantasy filled with great practical special effects by the iconic David Allen (Puppet Master, Laserblast, The Primevals) and it also features a rich and evocative score by composer Richard Band, who would later provide the music for Cardos’ Mutant.

The Day Time Ended: Remastered will hit Full Moon Streaming on April 3rd, with an Amazon premiere the following week. The Special Edition Blu-ray release will street near the end of April.

Check out the new HD trailer for this enduring oddball classic below and stay tuned for more details about this exciting upcoming release!


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