[Soundtrack Review] Sandro Di Stefano's 'The Man With The Magic Box'

Man With The Magic Box (read our review) is an Action/Sci-Fi film which takes place in the year 2030. The two main characters Adam (Piotr Polak) and Gloria (Olga Boladz) meet at work and start a tumultuous relationship. Unbeknownst to them their lives will be forever changed with an unexpected discovery.

I had the upmost pleasure of listening to the films score which was composed, orchestrated, and conducted by Sandro Di Stefano. The music was played by the sensational Dnipropetroska Symphony Orchestra.

The score for this film is exquisite. Every song is written so beautifully and I love how each song flows to the next without losing its individuality. There is an underlying melody played throughout each song that is flawless. When listening to the music in the film you can not only see the story but you can hear it as well. It’s never easy trying to find a perfect match between film and music but Sandro Di Stefano did such a wonderful job that the two go hand in hand.

The talent shines bright from both Composer and Orchestra. My favorites tracks from The Man With The Magic Box are "The Shadow Of The Past", "Adam's Theme", "Identity and Memory", and "The Journey Through Love".

Below you'll find a performance by The Krakow Symphony Orchestra at FMF Krakow 2018.

The Man with the Magic Box will be available on DVD April 2nd from Artsploitation Films.


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