[Blu-ray Review] 'Blue Movie' From Cult Epics

Cult Epics Presents an all new restoration of the classic Dutch film Blue Movie. A film that would prove to be the jump start of what's referred to as "Dutch Sex Wave" of Dutch cinema. And if unfamiliar, fans of the erotic, specifically vintage erotica, will be satisfied with this tale of sexual freedom in early '70s.

The film stars Hugo Metsers, Carry Tefsen and Kees Brusse. Written by Wim Verstappen (also directed by) and Charles Gormley comes the story of Michael (Metsers) whom is recently released from a 5-year prison term for having relations with a 15 year old girl. A crime that now has him on probation. His probation officer fixes him up in an apartment complex that has several alluring women throughout. Though alluring, these women are married and as apart of his parole he must not engage in any sexual misconduct with the women fore it will not look good in front of the judge and could result in his freedom being taken away. A fresh start cut short. However, the sexual tension and years away from the outside world gets will prove to get the best of him. Will he be caught and sent back to prison? Or are the old ways gone for good? Does what constitutes traditional love exist in this erotic fantasy?

Go now and pick up Cult Epics' release of the daring and groundbreaking, Blue Movie. The restoration alone is worth the price of the Blu-ray.

Disc Features Include:

New HD Restoration & Transfer by Eye Film Institute (from 16mm reversal & 35mm duplicate negative). And it looks absolutely fantastic.

Interview with Wim Verstappen (HD, 1971)

The the director discusses going through the process of the Dutch Inspection Board for the film. How they have nothing to do with making the film and yet they get ruling if/how/where the film will be shown. The difference in comparison to American standards. Verstappen talks of the budget, the amount of time spent filming, and how the film was financed.

Interview with producer Pim de la Parra at the Dutch Sex Wave Festival, Cinematheque Francaise (HD, 2018)

Introduction by Jean-Francois Rauger of Cinematheque Francaise. Pim de la Parra discusses coming to Paris from Suriname. And how he now resides in Suriname. He reflects on how he started Scorpio Films in 1965. Which gave him the opportunity to tell the stories he wanted to tell. He discusses the introduction of "the pill" (anti-contraception) to society, it's clear impact on the film, and impact it had on those in society that were not yet sexually active. Or even aware of such ideology.

Interview with Hugo Metsers Jr., Paris (HD, 2018)

Son of the star of the film (Michael) reflects on his father's contribution to the Dutch's sexual revolution. And what that was like for him (the son) growing up in a household that valued sexual freedom. While at the time, he felt free, looking back on it he realizes that there was some chaos to that way of living. Metsers Jr. reflects on seeing Blue Movie for the first time at the age of 10. And how he discovered it by accident. He talks of his father, his time on the set of Blue Movie, and how Hugo Sr. spends his time these days.

Eye Film Institute-Featurette (HD, 2018)

We take a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the Eye Film Institute. The featurette discusses the resurrection of the building and how it came to be. Also how they, at the Institute, take great pride at preserving as many films as they can. And how, they play a part in protecting the negatives of many films and how to improve future restorations.

Blue Movie HD poster, a photo video gallery and Original Scorpio Films Theatrical Trailers round out the special features.

Blue Movie is now available from Cult Epics. Order now.


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