Prime 1 Studio's Stunning Ash Williams 'Evil Dead 2' Statue Is Now Up For Pre-Order

Prime 1 Studio's 1/3 scale Ash Williams statue captures the hero's iconic appearance from Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, armed with a sawed-off double barrel shotgun and a chainsaw strapped to the stump on his right arm where his hand once was. Set within a scale diorama, allowing recreates some of the sequel's most iconic scenes, Ash stands over Henrietta locked in the cellar, with the cackling deer head over his shoulder.

The standard version includes two interchangeable heads, while the Exclusive version includes an extra alternate exclusive head.

“Capturing the likeness and details of Bruce Campbell, this Museum Masterline 1:3 scale statue of Ash Williams comes with an additional alternate portrait stepping on a trap door with Henrietta trying to escape from the cabin cellar floor. The Exclusive version of MMED2-01EX: Ash Williams includes an extra alternate exclusive portrait. Evil Dead fans don’t miss your chance to own Ash with his infamous chainsaw and his sawed-off double barrel shotgun!”

Set to release June - August 2020, the standard edition will run you a whopping $1,449, with the Prime 1 Exclusive version (including the extra head) going for $1,499. Holy hell!

You can check out some images of the statue below and even more over at ToyArk!


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