Medieval Horror Film 'The Head Hunter' Releases In Theaters Tomorrow

Looking like some kind of mashup between Predator and Skyrim, the fantasy-horror film The Head Hunter will be released in limited theaters and on VOD tomorrow, April 5th from Vertical Entertainment.

In the film directed by Jordan Downey of Thankskilling fame...

A heartbreaking fairytale with a black soul, the film is constructed with very few elements, minimalistic and epic at the same time, where fantasy and horror find their more physical and gory incarnations.

"On the outskirts of a kingdom, a quiet but fierce medieval warrior (Christopher Rygh) protects the realm from monsters and the occult. His gruesome collection of heads is missing only one – the monster that killed his daughter years ago. Driven by a thirst for revenge, he travels wild expanses on horseback, using sorcery to aid in his quest. When his second chance arrives, it’s in a way far more horrifying than he ever imagined."

Downey co-wrote the script with Kevin Stewart, Cora Kaufman also stars.

The film picked up awards at the Stiges Film Festival in Spain and the Nightmares Film Festival in Ohio.

The Head Hunter opens at these theaters:

  • Brooklyn, NY: Kent Theatre

  • Riverside, CA: Galaxy Mission Grove

  • Dallas, TX: Studio Movie Grill Spring Valley

  • Marietta, GA: Studio Movie Grill Marietta

  • Houston, TX: Studio Movie Grill Pearland

  • Monroe, WA: Galaxy Monroe

  • Rochester Hills, MI: Emagine Rochester Hills

  • Tampa, FL: Studio Movie Grill Tampa

  • Lakeville, MN: Emagine Lakeville

  • Kansas City, MO: Screenland Crossroads


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