Original 'C.H.U.D.' Concept Artwork Up For Sale At LA's Hyaena Gallery

The sewer-dwelling cult classic C.HU.D. has seen somewhat of a resurgence lately after the VHS tape was featured in Jordan Peele's Us and it was one half of last week's The Last Drive-In double feature on Shudder, and the love continues thanks to Hyena Gallery.

Several of artist Tim Boxell‘s hand-drawn concept art pieces from C.H.U.D. are being displayed and sold by the gallery, ranging in price from $200 to $1,250.

“Monsters. Why do we want to look at them? Why do we want to see what they have to show us? Teeth. Claws. Eyes that see our fear. Tentacles that coil around us. All threats generating anxiety. All ready to drag us screaming into the dark.We are fascinated by monsters. We like to be scared. We enjoy being repulsed by what these creatures do and how they look. Monsters bring on emotional reactions that we find entertaining even if we have our doubts about seeking them out. We like looking at monsters even if they make us feel fear and horror.”

“The drawings in this exhibit were created years before American Horror Story began to deliver a frightening diet of monsters on a weekly basis. For me, a fan of fantasy and horror, the chance to be paid to design monsters for a feature film, was a dream come true. To be recommended for the job by Dan O’Bannon, the writer of the sci-horror movie Alien, because of my original approach to monsters, was an honor and an opportunity. O’Bannon saw the possibility of the chestburster at work in my comic book story Defiled, that would later be transformed into something monstrous and brilliant and alien by Giger and Ridley Scott.”

“Coming up with an interpretation of how sewer-dwelling humans transformed into monsters resulting from exposure to radiation would look, was a chance to show what I could do working in this genre. The bottom line is that making monsters is cool. What did I do? What monsters did I imagine? You can see some of what I came up with on the walls around you. The monsters of C.H.U.D. Enjoy.”

Check out some of Boxell's art below and browse the full collection at on Hyena Gallery's website.


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