Poster Released For Psychological Horror Short 'House Of Lexi'

House of Lexi is an upcoming psychological horror short from writer/director Martin Daniels, whose previous short Being Without was released last year, and today we've been provided with the film's poster to share with Crypt Teaze readers.

House of Lexi, starring English horror actress Emma Dark (Seize the Night, Salient Minus Ten) in the titular tole, follows the story of Lexi Stone who supposedly lost her mother in a car crash and her mother also lost her baby sister at birth. Lexi imagines her sister growing up and wants to be there for her but the emotional bond turns and starts to haunt and makes her question whats happening to her.

Shot on location in London and Tankerton Beach, House of Lexi also stars Jane Garda (Munich, The Wife), Sean Francis McLaughlin and Helen Stephens.

The film will be screening in festivals this Summer.


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