Full Episodes Of The 2003 'Tremors' TV Series Are Now Free To Watch On YouTube

Before SYFY pulled the plug on their planned "Tremors" TV series starring Kevin Bacon, the franchise had already previously been adapted for the small screen back in 2003 (ironically on SciFi). The series starred Michael Gross and ran for one season consisting of 13 episodes before being cancelled.

"Tremors: The Series," which was produced at the same time as 2004’s direct-to-video film Tremors 4: The Legend Begins, has been released on DVD in the past, but if you never got the chance to pick up the series, you'll be happy to hear that it's officially being uploaded to YouTube for free viewing!

The official Facebook page notes, “The rest will be rolling out through April and May.”

You can watch “Feeding Frenzy” and “Ghost Dance”, episodes 1 and 2 respectively, below!


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