10 Upcoming Horror Films From Full Moon Include 'Subspecies V' And 'Puppet Master' S

Officially detailed this week, Full Moon has finally announced its latest and most ambitious strange cinema initiative! Deadly Ten is an immersive cinematic initiative that will see the legendary film studio boldly producing a series of ten original movies, live-streamed in front of fans, including new films in the Subspecies and Puppet Master franchises! Not to mention, sequels to the totally wonderful Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama and Head of the Family!

As we told you earlier in the week, Anders Hove will be reprising the role of Radu the vampire in Subspecies V: Blood Rise, and we've learned today that Blade from the Puppet Master franchise will be getting his own film with Blade: The Iron Cross!

The full roster of Deadly Ten films includes:

  • Bride of the Head of the Family (Dir. Charles Band)

  • Necropolis: Legion (Dir. Chris Alexander)

  • Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama 2 (Dir: David De Coteau, Brinke Stevens)

  • Subspecies V: Blood Rise (Dir: Ted Nicolaou)

  • Blade: The Iron Cross (Dir: John Lechago)

  • Halloweed Night: Meet the Weedjies (Dir: Danny Draven)

  • The Hourglass (Dir: Ryan Brookhart)

  • Femalien: Cosmic Crush (Dir: Lindsey Schmitz)

  • Shadowheart Curse (Dir: TBA!)

  • The Grim Rapper (Dir: William Butler)

In an unprecedented move, Full Moon will be giving fans a FREE all access pass to these productions simply by logging into the Deadly Ten website, registering for FREE and watching the film currently in production being shot in real time!

Also on the Deadly Ten site, you'll find live feeds, exclusive on-set interviews, special effects secrets, pre-and post-production videos, interactive director's blogs and more.

Principal photography will begin shooting in June 2019 and continue throughout the year in Europe and North America. Release for the Deadly Ten is slated for Valentine's Day 2020, and will premiere exclusively on Full Moon's Amazon Prime Channel and Full Moon Streaming Channels.


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