[Review] Evil Has A New Face In Josh Lobo's 'I Trapped The Devil'

The smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree fills the air on a cold December evening. The incandescent lights lead your way through the dark path. An eerie feeling comes over you and suddenly you get the feeling that this isn’t your typical family friendly Christmas story. Matt (AJ Bowen) and his wife Karen (Susan Burke) decide to pay Matt’s estranged brother Steve (Scott Poythress) a visit during the holiday season. Expecting to be welcomed with open arms the two are shocked when Steve announces that they are not welcome in the family home. It becomes clear rather quickly that Steve is harboring a sinister secret. TV static, phone calls, and haunting music take an otherwise ethereal setting and turn it into a dark, unnerving environment. The tension and uneasiness in the air creates the perfect atmosphere for this story. Everything from the dim lighting to the discovery “down below” are mixed perfectly with a chilling feeling of dread and despair.

I really enjoyed I Trapped The Devil. This film feeds on your fear without relying on old tricks and jump scares. It takes you back to that classic cinematic experience where you had to rely on your senses and imagination. The characters are believable and the cast does a brilliant job at making their story come to life. Josh Lobo did an exceptional job here and his passion for film and creativity are very evident throughout the entirety of the film. The final reveal was done so well I did not see it coming. It is rare that I have the pleasure of making such a large claim but in this case it’s warranted. I give I Trapped The Devil 10 out of 10 bloody fingerprints. Very nicely done!

I Trapped the Devil arrives in select cinemas and On-Demand April 26th, 2019.


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