'Alien' And 'Blade Runner' Editor Terry Rawlings Has Passed Away

As we near the fourth annual “Alien Day," celebrating the 40th anniversary of the sci-fi classic, we've learned some sad news that the original film's editor, Terry Rawlings, has passed away at the age of 86.

Rawlings died Tuesday at his home in Hertfordshire, England, the Guild of British Film and Television Editors told The Hollywood Reporter.

Aside from editing Ridley Scott’s Alien, Rawlings also edited Blade Runner, The Sentinel, Watership Down, Legend, F/X, Alien 3, GoldenEye and 2004’s Phantom of the Opera.

Rawlings was nominated for an Oscar in 1982 for his editing work on Chariots of Fire, and he also received an American Cinema Editors career achievement award and five BAFTA nominations across his career — for Women in Love, Isadora (1968), Alien, Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner — but never won.

During a 2014 BAFTA tribute, David Fincher said in a prerecorded message that "the best editors are alchemists, and they're equal parts poet and blacksmith. They can forge something — they make pieces go together that should never work. They can take footage that was intended for one thing and use it to illuminate a whole new idea in a sequence that you maybe never conceived.

Then, on top of that, if they're really, really special, they have a way of becoming your best friend. I was very fortunate on my first movie to work with Terry. To this day, it's an extremely happy memory.”

The cinematic universe has lost an unsung hero with the passing of Terry Rawlings. We extend our condolences to his friends and family.


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