[Tribeca Review] 'Something Else' Is A Riveting Crowd-Pleaser About Love Lost And Monsters

Something Else tells the story of Abby (Brea Grant) and Hank (writer/co-director/star Jeremy Gardner). One seemingly normal day Hank wakes up only to discover that Abby is gone. He is given no real explanation as to why aside from a brief cryptic note.

Through flashbacks the audience is given a glimpse into what the couples relationship was like before Abby’s sudden departure. Shortly after her exit Hank starts to receive nightly visits from an unknown creature. Where is Abby and what is visiting Hank late at night?

Easily one of my favorite aspects of Something Else is the soundtrack. The sound effects used and the artists chosen are a perfect match for the tone of the film. I also really enjoy the way the flashback scenes are added into the story. These scenes allow the viewer to get a glimpse into the seemingly perfect lives of Abby and Hank while keeping you guessing when the creature will strike next.

Although Something Else is a horror film at its core it sheds light on one of life’s most important topics. Love. Love is something we can all relate to for better or worse. It’s what drives us as humans. Whether it’s towards another person or something we thoroughly enjoy. It is my belief that adding this touch of humanity to the film makes it more than just your average monster movie.

The characters are written and developed in a way that makes them relatable, believable, and you care about what happens to them. I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for Hank, especially since he was now alone and the victim of these attacks night after night.

The scenes of the past are airy, and full of sharp, bright colors while the present is very dark and dreary. The scenes coexist together while surviving on their own and I love how well this film comes together. I highly recommend keeping Something Else on your radar, it's a very well executed indie effort with a wholly original plot.


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