Sigourney Weaver Appeared At NJ High School's 'Alien' Play Encore

Last month, the students of North Bergen High School in New Jersey students spawned a media frenzy when they presented a stage adaptation of Alien, a low-budget production with incredible sets, costumes and even a Xenomorph! The play went on to garner the attention and praise from both Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver!

Scott was so impressed that he pledged funding for a special encore presentation of the student play, which took place at North Bergen High School yesterday for “Alien Day.” Only this time, Ellen Ripley herself, Sigourney Weaver, showed up!

Below you'll find videos of Sigourney's surprise visit, along with a behind the scenes making-of video that gives insight into how the whole DIY production was created.

Who knows, maybe they can take this thing nationwide! One can hope!


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