'Forbidden World' And 'Galaxy Of Terror' Getting Steelbook Releases From Scream Fact

Forbidden World Galaxy of Terror Steelbook Scream Factory

Scream Factory adds to their growing Steelbook catalog with two new announcements today, including the hardcore sexy and gory sci-fi romp Forbidden World, also known as Mutant, and Galaxy of Terror, one of the most bonkers (yet, completely entertaining) films ever "inspired" by Alien!

Forbidden World takes place on planet Xarbia, "an experimental life form known as "Subject 20" has been created by an elite group of scientists in hopes of preventing a major galactic food crisis. However, instead of prolonging life, Subject 20 is destroying it, and the organism poses a double threat because it constantly changes its genetic structure. Mike Colby, a bounty hunter, is called in to investigate. Suspecting that the scientists are keeping something from him, Colby soon discovers why."

And in Galaxy of Terror, "The mind's innermost fears become reality for the crew members of the Quest when they land on a barren planet to rescue survivors from the starship Remus. The crew investigates a giant pyramid on the planet, hoping to find the missing crew members ... only to find something deadly waiting for them instead. Each crew member must come face to face with their darkest fears or perish."

Both films will receive a new 4K scan and all bonus features from the prior Blu-ray releases will be ported over as well. Only 5,000 units of each are being produced in total. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

The artwork you see pictured on both come to us from by artist Laz Marquez (who also illustrated Scream Factory's prior Steelbooks Humanoids from the Deep, The Howling, Lifeforce and Army of Darkness). If you order directly from their site, your packaging will also include an exclusive 28.5” x 16.5” rolled lithograph of the illustration. (The litho will not be available elsewhere and only 1,500 of them each are being made).

Official street date is August 13th for both releases for U.S. and Canada territories (Region A). Order Forbidden World HERE and Galaxy of Terror HERE.

Forbidden World Steelbook Scream Factory

Galaxy of Terror Steelbook Scream Factory