[Trailer] Documentary 'Deodato Holocaust' Covers The Career Of Italian Filmmaker Ruggero Deo

In addition to the upcoming documentary Searching for Cannibal Holocaust, we've learned today that the infamous film's director, Ruggero Deodato, is getting his own doc, titled Ruggero Holocaust!

The film's poster, trailer and info were debuted by Screen Anarchy earlier today. Directed by Felipe M. Guerra, the documentary is being billed as "the first feature film about Ruggero Deodato’s filmography."

"A feature-length documentary about the life and career of Italian director Ruggero Deodato, who became a "master of horror" unintentionally after the controversy over his film "Cannibal Holocaust" - a work whose violence nearly brought him to jail."

"Deodato Holocaust is the result of more than six hours of interviews and material shot by Brazilian journalist and independent filmmaker Felipe M. Guerra."

Deodato turns 80 in May and will be at the Fantaspoa film festival in Brazil to celebrate his birthday and the World Premiere of the film!

Check out the trailer and brilliant poster below, which recreates one of Cannibal Holocaust's notorious images using characters from Deodato's filmography.


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