Ron Howard Says Discussions Are Underway For Potential 'Willow' Disney+ TV Series

Last year, Ron Howard teased that he's got an idea for a sequel to his 1988 fantasy adventure film Willow, and star Warwick Davis had mentioned shortly after Howard's comments that Solo writer Jon Kasdan was adamant on getting the project off the ground. Well, if you've been wondering about the latest on all that, it appears that we may see a TV series rather than a new movie.

Recently speaking with MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, Howard gave up a few details on the potential project.

"There are some really serious discussions going on with Jon Kasdan, who was one of the writers of Solo, who kept hounding me about Willow the whole time we were shooting and also hounding Kathy Kennedy," Howard told the podcast. "We’re in discussions about developing a Willow television show for the Disney+. And I think it’d be a great way to go. In fact, George [Lucas] always talked about the possibility of a Willow series, and it’d be great and more intimate, and built around that character and some of the others."

"Jon Kasdan has, I think, an inspired take on it and it could be really, really cool," he added.

Howard also expressed an interest in having Warwick Davis to return as a “more mature Willow.”


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