Arrow Video To Release Leif Jonker's 'Darkness' Remastered On Blu-ray

Leif Jonker's Darkness Arrow Video Restoration

The "Final Cut" version of Leif Jonker’s underground vampire gorefest, Darkness, is getting a major hi-def facelift from Arrow Video, Rue Morgue reports this weekend from Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas.

Arrow Video’s Ewan Cant announced the Blu-ray, which will feature a new 2.5K overscan of the original camera elements, restoring the early-’90s heavy metal music heard on the initial releases, including songs by Apostasy, The Grunge, Scepter and Knight. Christopher Shy, whose poster work includes Mandy, Harpoon and Godzilla: King of the Monsters, created the artwork for the release, which can be seen below. (You can check out more of Shy’s work here.)

"We weren’t planning to announce the release until July," Jonker told the site, "but Ewan, I and my crew were all so happy with Shy’s artwork, we decided to push up the date to this weekend."

The Blu-ray will come loaded with special features, which are still being assembled as of now. Though Jonker did share the following: “We will also have the untouched/unchanged original SD VHS version on the disc, and will be porting over the vast majority of extras, commentaries and/or alternate audio tracks I created for the Barrel release. We do plan to record one or two new commentary tracks for the Final Cut and at least one new feature shot in HD.”

In addition, the disc will come with a 24-page mini-magazine created by horror-movie host Gunther Dedmund, a.k.a. Joel Sanderson, of The Basement Sublet of Horror podcast.

In the film, a small community is besieged by vampires. After he watches friends ravaged in a convenience store, a lone avenger goes off to do battle with the undead, armed with shotgun, chainsaw, and Holy water. Later he finds other survivors and they try to stay alive long enough to do battle with Liven, king of the vampires.

The newly remastered version of Darkness is planned to premiere before the Blu-ray release as part of the ninth annual edition of October at the Oldtown Horror Festival in Wichita, Kansas.

Stay tuned for final specs and a release date from Arrow. While you wait, check out the new promo trailer below.

Leif Jonker's Darkness Arrow Video Restoration