Polaroid Has Released A 'Stranger Things' Edition Of Their One Step 2 Camera

Polaroid has today announced a special “Stranger Things” version of their retro style One Step 2 Camera that comes with “paranormal flash” technology! Talk about brilliant advertising!

Of course, the camera has been fittingly flipped "Upside Down".

"Meet the world’s brightest camera. This truly state of the art innovation features an extra bright flash developed in collaboration with Hawkins National Laboratory."

"Pressing the shutter button sends light waves towards your subject, which reflect back to create perfectly illuminated pictures in or out of the shadows. With its unique blue and red colorway, this camera is guaranteed to stand out amongst your collection. Easy to use and precise in its function, you’ll feel like a pro and shoot like one, too. Just pick up a pack of i-Type film and you’re ready to go."

The camera is available now for $109.99, with a special starter set selling for $157.99, which includes three packs of special edition, “Stranger Things”-themed i-Type film.

You will also be able to purchase the film separately, in single-packs and 3-packs.

Make it a summer to remember, wherever your adventures may take you with the "Stranger Things" Polaroid One Step 2!


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