[Soundtrack Review] Sandro Di Stefano's 'The Executioners'

I once again have the honor of working alongside the brilliant Sandro Di Stefano. You may remember Sandro from my previous OST review for the Polish Action / Sci-Fi film The Man With The Magic Box.

This time around I will be reviewing the music he has crafted for the 2018 US Horror / Thriller The Executioners, written and directed by Giorgio Sarafini. The Executioners. starring Natalie Burn, Jenna Dallender, and Rachel Rosenstein is a story of four young women who spend the night at a mansion. Their plans for a relaxing evening quickly turn sour when the women become the victims of a violent break in. In a suspenseful turn of events the hunters become the hunted. Will our protagonists get the justice they so rightly deserve?

The original score for The Executioners is one of the most well throughout and beautifully executed soundtracks I have heard in years. When I’m watching a high tension thriller the music must meet certain expectations. I look for that gritty, nerve racking sound that almost causes a sudden sickness in your stomach. I want my adrenaline to start working overtime. I need to feel as if I myself am right there with the films characters. This soundtrack gives me all of that and more. The songs are hauntingly beautiful. They have a way of making you feel uncomfortable yet intrigued all at once.

The fourth track, entitled "Belle’s Visions" is one of my favorites. There’s this almost ethereal female presence which when combined with the sharp notes of the piano takes you to this place in your mind where you feel completely drawn in. It reminds me a bit of something you’d hear in the 1999 Tim Burton film Sleepy Hollow. It has that special quality that just demands attention.

"Seven Words", the 16th track was performed by the talented Josquin Choir Des Prez. Upon first listen it is very moving. The more you play it the more powerful it sounds. It echoes all around you and is quite haunting. I absolutely love choirs especially when used for Thriller and Horror movies. It’s so effective and sticks with you far after the film is over.

The song that really blew me away was Track 14, "The Waltz Must Go On". This is so original and dare I say, iconic. When I first heard it I was smiling from ear to ear. It’s very reminiscent of the traditional waltz with an almost child like circus element to it. It reminds me of going to the carnival with my father when I was young. I close my eyes and I can almost taste the salt of the ocean, and smell of freshly popped popcorn lingering in the air. It has this perfect match of innocence and intrigue.

I loved this soundtrack so much. In an odd way it made me feel at home while still giving me goosebumps. Sandro has done it again by crafting this brilliant masterpiece. I am continuously in awe of his talent.

If you haven’t already please check out The Executioners and give the soundtrack a listen. You won’t be disappointed!

The Executioners is now available on DVD from Lionsgate. You can check out the film's trailer below.


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