'Stranger Things' LEGO Sets Confirmed On Official Twitter Account

For the past month or so, LEGO fans have been teased with leaks that supposedly confirmed the imminent arrival of "Stranger Things" LEGO sets, but of course you can never fully trust what you see on the internet when it comes to knowing what's real of not. That's not the case here, as the official LEGO Twitter account tweeted out a short video that completely confirms all the leaks and rumors to be factual.

The short video teaser, which tags an official Netflix account, shows a phone ringing on a wall, clearly referencing a moment from the first season of "Stranger Things." A rumored set was said to be a brick-by-brick recreation of the Byers house, and this teaser sure seems to confirm that set is indeed on the way.

In a following tweet, LEGO noted that: “All will be revealed soon. Friends don’t lie.”

While we wait for the official announcement, you can check out the teaser below, along with a leaked image of the set.


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