[Album Review] Mono Inc. 'Welcome To Hell'

Mono Inc. Welcome To Hell Album Review

Mono Inc. is a Gothic Rock band from Hamburg, Germany. The band was formed in 1998 by Miky Mono (Vocals), Martin Engler (Former drummer) and Carl Fornia (Guitar) under the name Mono69. The name was later changed to Mono Inc. in 2000. Bassist Manuel Antoni joined the trio in 2003. After Mikey’s departure (around 2004) drummer Katha Mia was brought in and Martin became the bands lead vocalist. They’ve released 10 studio albums over the course of 15 years as well as various EP’s, Best Of, and Live albums. Although Mono Inc. had previously been a supporting act this would change after the band released their 2010 EP entitled Comedown. This lead to the band's increase in popularity allowing them to tour as a headlining act. The bands 2013 album Nimmermehr (Nevermore) remains as the bands most successful album thus far.

Typically I have a certain style in which I write my reviews. However, since Mono Inc. has such an advanced discography I will be listing the bands albums by year followed by two of my favorite tracks on each record. The album I’ll be focusing on is the bands latest release, Welcome To Hell.

  • 2003: Head Above Water - "The Last Waltz", "My Sorrow"

  • 2007: Temple Of The Torn - "The Condemned", "My Sick Mind TV"

  • 2008: Pain, Love, and Poetry - "This Is The Day", "Bloodmoon"

  • 2009: Voices Of Doom - "Gothic Queen", "Forgiven "

  • 2011: Viva Hades - "Viva Hades", "Revenge"

  • 2012: After The War - "No More Fear", "Forever"

  • 2013: Nimmermehr - "Euthanasia", "Seligkeit"

  • 2015: Terlingua - "Never-Ending Love Song", "It Never Ends"

  • 2017: Together Till The End - "Boatman - Featuring Ronan Harris Of VNV Nation", "Children Of The Dark - Featuring Tilo Wolff (Lacrimosa), Joachim Witt, Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost)"

Welcome To Hell which was released on July 27, 2018 is the album that got me into Mono Inc. I love how different each one of their albums is. They utilize each members talents in such a beautiful way. You can hear the bands chemistry in each song and it’s obvious that this is what they love to do. Martin’s voice is so distinct and when it’s matched with Katha’s angelic likeness it’s exquisite. Her ability to sing and drum at the same time is incredible.

My favorite songs from Welcome To Hell are "A Vagabond’s Life", "Funeral Song", and "Long Live Death". I love how well thought out each track is and how all of the songs are arranged in a way that they tell the story beautifully from start to finish. Welcome To Hell isn’t like anything they’ve done in the past, I’d say its closest companion is Together Till The End.

I would recommend Mono Inc. to anyone who enjoys watching a band evolve over a number of albums. If you want to hear different styles of music and song writing I think you’ll really take a liking to their music.

The bands music is available through Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify. A few of their albums as well as their official band merchandise are available on their website.

Mono Inc. is currently on tour in Germany. The band will be performing at M’era Luna Gothic Festival on August 10, 2019. For all tour dates and further information please visit their official website.

Mono Inc. Welcome To Hell Album Review