'The Crow' And 'Hack/Slash' Crossover Comic Book Miniseries Coming From IDW

This year, we're celebrating 20 years of IDW Publishing and the 25th anniversary of Alex Proyas’ The Crow, and coincidentally, we're getting a new Crow comic mini-series from IDW!

But this isn't just any old mini-series, it's a crossover with Tim Seely’s Hack/Slash!

SYFY reports that The Crow-Hack/Slash will be a four-issue mini-series that brings together Cassie Hack and the redemptive supernatural crusader, it's written and drawn by Seeley

“Cassie will embark on a quest to hunt down a new undead version of goth-garbed Crow named Angeles Cero, and this iteration has a true taste for senseless killing. But Cero won’t stop his murderous spree, and as the corpses pile up, Hack and her hulking partner Vlad must hit the trail to stop the Crow Killer, assuming him to be one of the masked maniacs they’ve stalked for years.”

Visit SYFY for a peek inside the pages of Issue #1.

The first issue arrives in comic shops on June 19th.


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