This 'Hellraiser' Puzzle Box Is Actually A Tin Lunch Box

EMCE Toys Hellraiser Lunch Box

An iconic horror relic for decades, the “Lament Configuration”, or “Lemarchand’s Box” opened the portal to Hell, unleashing Pinhead and his cenobite cohorts, and now it can store your lunch!

Over the years, many companies have made prop replicas of the Hellraiser puzzle box, some more screen-accurate than others, but this is as far as we know this is the first Lament Configuration lunch box.

The company EMCE Toys just announced this awesome tin replica, which measures 9"x 9"x 9" and features prop accurate detail down to the woodgrain!

"Made of sturdy tin with embossed front and back and a perfect replica of the actual prop, right down to the woodgrain, it is a perfect place to store your meal, or the souls of your enemies."

The lunch box features a hinged front lid, is priced at $19.99. You can pre-order one today through Big Bad Toy Store, and expect it to ship in August 2019.

EMCE Toys Hellraiser Lunch Box
EMCE Toys Hellraiser Lunch Box