Bruce Campbell Teases More 'Evil Dead' Projects

Bruce Campbell Tease More Evil Dead

As we all know, Bruce Campbell has sworn that he'll never be playing Ash Williams again, but that doesn't mean the Evil Dead franchise is dead, nor does it mean he won't reprise the role for non-live action projects. In a new chat with Inquisitr, Campbell touches on the future of the franchise while promoting his new "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" hosting gig, teasing that we haven't seen the last of the franchise.

"[Fans are] going to see different versions, they’re going to be seeing more Evil Dead, too," Campbell told the site. "We’re not done with the Evil Dead saga. More stories to tell."

Campbell was asked if Fede Alvarez would be returning to the franchise to direct a sequel to his hit remake/reimagining, to which he replied:

"Fede’s a big Hollywood director now. I don’t know if Fede needs this. We’ll have to see."

Another thing that Campbell reiterated during his interview is that he may be done playing Ash physically, but he's up for lending his voice to future audio projects.

"I’m still doing video games… I’m doing voices for Ash," he adds. "I’m just not going to grovel in the blood anymore."