Director Of 'Child's Play' And Writer Of 'Friday The 13th' Bring You 'Rock,

From writer Victor Miller (Friday the 13th) and director Tom Holland (Child’s Play) comes Rock, Paper, Scissors, arriving on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital on July 23rd from Lionsgate.

This horrifying take on the hand game that pits a rehabilitated serial killer against his female neighbor.

In the film, "Released from a mental hospital, Peter (Luke Macfarlane) is haunted by memories of childhood abuse and murder victims while being menaced by the cop who put him away (Michael Madsen). His only friend is pretty neighbor Monica, who says she wants to interview him for a book. But does she have a more sinister motive in mind?"

Oscar winner Tatum O’Neal (1973, Best Supporting Actress, Paper Moon) also stars.

Written by Kerry Fleming and Miller comes this tale of a serial killer who has been cured… or has he been?


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