[Album Review] Body Harvest 'Parasitic Slavery'

Body Harvest Parasitic Slavery Album Review

Bristol, England’s Body Harvest has released their second album Parasitic Slavery. Overall, it is a good death metal album. The first half seemed to flow together as one song, and the second half has more diversity. I like this contrast between keeping the steady rhythm and then experimenting more with the writing. I could sense some NWOBHM influence on some of the later tracks, and keep encouraging metal bands to explore more of their metal roots. The dynamic between a fresh, older sound cannot be beat. “Darkness Descends” was, I believe, the best written on the album, but there are lots of great moments on Parasitic Slavery. “Consumed by Tyrants”, “Narcissistic Being”, and “The Prophet” are among my favorites as well.

Leading from “The Wrath of Ra”, “Global Decimation” sets the theme of Parasitic Slavery with fast and heavy thrashing. I enjoyed the alternating chorus lines between vocals, and the breakdown featuring the squealing guitar was pretty cool. “Hierarchy of Grief” accelerated full throttle at high power. “Consumed by Tyrants” has elements I really liked and wasn’t expecting. Mid-way through the song, there was a change up in the verse that flowed together. I do really like repurposed guitar chords and scales in songs, it makes them feel more concise. The end has alien-esque/high pitched sound effects that help bring the story and album together as well. “Narcissistic Being’s” magic comes half way through from the guitar just before the solo. The solo was unique and full of heart, and we left the song with a roaring crash of drums.

The arrangement Body Harvest wrote throughout “The Prophet” with the same riff was beautiful. The guitars were more somber, and had a touch of a prophetic nature to them. There is lots of intensity and diversity in “Darkness Descends”. The bass guides us through all the way to the double bass drum solo. There are multiple guitar switch ups, and battling vocals. All the overlaying was dynamic, and had a rock solid ending. Closing out Parasitic Slavery, “Apocalyptic Abomination” features heavy drums with a quickening, yet alternating pace with rhythmic, distorted guitar tones. This is a great formula to create melodic verses and add unique elements into the song. Such as different metallic effects reminiscent of “Metal Gods”, and screams evocative of different horror movies as we reach the end.

Body Harvest's Parasitic Slavery is now available on CD and digitally from Comatose Music.

Body Harvest Parasitic Slavery Album Review