Of Course, The 'Momo Challenge' Is Getting Its Own Horror Movie Titled 'Getaway'

The viral "Momo Challenge", an internet hoax about nonexistent social media challenge that claimed to drive users to commit dangerous and harmful acts, is of course, being used as the basis for an upcoming horror film.

Stef Beaton, Alex Brown, Georgie Storm Waite, Rianne Senining, and British actress Charlotte Spencer are set to star in Getaway, directed by Lilton Stewart III, Deadline reports today.

The film, “Follows a group of unsuspecting teenagers who, in their last summer before college, find themselves in a secluded cabin in the woods where unusual occurrences unfold. In ghost story fashion, one tells the story of the urban legend, MOMO, a strange spirit of a bird-like woman that taunts its victims with specific personal details and violent commands via text message and phone calls. What starts out as a harmless prank soon turns more sinister over the next 24 hours as the teens start disappearing without any motive or pattern.”

Emagine Content and November 11th Pictures are producing in collaboration with SorenFilms Productions and Lady of the Light Productions.

Even though he had nothing to do with the faux challenge, Japanese artist Keisuke Aisawa created the creepy sculpture that was tied to the “Momo Challenge” (seen above).


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