Cannibal Corpse Unleashes Brutal New 'Red Before Black' Music Video

Cannibal Corpse Red Before Black Music Video

For nearly three decades, Florida death metal veterans Cannibal Corpse have been decimating eardrums and creating songs of unrelenting brutality. Today sees the release of an insanely brutal new (NSFW) music video for "Red Before Black", the title track of the band's latest album, which was released in November 2017 via Metal Blade Records.

The latest visual cut from Cannibal Corpse is from the mind of horror FX veteran Doug Sakmann. The concept builds upon the world brought to life by Zev Deans in the previously released "Code of the Slashers" video but adds significantly to the visual gore department. Sakmann shot the concept in Philadelphia, PA and the live footage was captured by Jesse Davis in San Francisco, CA. The video stars adult performers Nadia White and Talia Satania, as well as actresses Sonja Century, Kim Reo, and actor Alex Webster (not the band's bassist of the same name) as the final kill of the video.

"Red Before Black" was edited by Metal Blade's own Vince Edwards and then meticulously processed by colorist/senior lead flame artist Luc Job (a pioneer in digital imagery for the last 25 years who has worked with directors David Lachapelle, Ridley Scott and Darren Aronofsky and clients like BMW, Dolce & Gabbana) who was all too happy to assist to bring the gratuitous bloodshed and gore to life for Cannibal Corpse!

Cannibal Corpse are currently nearing the end of a massive tour in support of Slayer, Lamb of God, and Amon Amarth. Red Before Black can be purchased from most major music retailers.

Cannibal Corpse Red Before Black Music Video