Evil Has Found Its Superhero In The Final Trailer For 'BrightBurn'

BrightBurn Final Trailer

Before becoming a Hollywood sensation as the director of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn got his start with Troma, writing Tromeo and Juliet. Gunn then went on to write the phenomenal Dawn of the Dead remake and eventually directing the fan favorite Slither. Now, he's returning to his horror roots with the anti-superhero movie BrightBurn, directed by David Yarovesky.

Elizabeth Banks stars in the super-villain movie that mashes up a Superman-like origin story with creepy kid horror. In the film, a child (Jackson A. Dunn) from another world crash-lands on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proves to be something far more sinister. The boy dons a particularly creepy mask seen in the trailer and the above image.

Hitting theaters this Friday, the final trailer has been released today, and it goes full blown horror. Containing the same sense of dread found in Ridley Scott's classic Alien, the trailer sees Dunn as Brandon Breyer, a troubled extraterrestrial who's completely out of control and seems intent on wiping out mankind.

Yarovesky directs from a script written by Mark Gunn and Brian Gunn, the film also stars David Denman, Matt Jones and Meredith Hagner.

BrightBurn hits theaters on May 24th, 2019.