[Trailer] 'Friday The 13th' Fan Film 'Jason Rising' Is Now Funding On Indiegogo

We've seen a significant increase in the amount of Friday the 13th fan films released in the wake of the official franchise being halted (for now, at least) in an ongoing legal battle over franchise rights. Never Hike Alone, Friday the 13th: Vengeance, 13 Fanboy and Voorhees, to name a few.

Up next is Jason Rising, with filmmakers James Sweet, Karl Whinnery and Robert Blanche hoping to raise $20,000 in order to afford the overall cost of Principle Photography and Post Production for the film.

Sweet update this week, “We have reached over 50% of our goal. Vincente Disanti from Never Hike Alone joined the project as co-writer and producer as well.”

"Jason Rising follows Wessex County Police Officer, Pete Daltry (Kyle Vahan) along with two local bounty hunters, Jed (Jason Reynolds) and Bear (Jerry Bell Jr.). hot on the trail of three escapees from the Wessex County Corrections Farm. Soon after realizing their chase has led them onto the cursed grounds of Camp Crystal Lake, Daltry and his men quickly discover they are the ones being hunted by the undead, mass-murderer, Jason Voorhees (Dan Kyle)."

Check out the trailer below and visit the Indiegogo campaign to contribute.


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