Jägermeister Just Released A Limited Edition Slayer Bottle

At the time of writing this, thrash metal titans Slayer are carving their way across the world on their farewell tour. After four decades of creating very loud and heavy music, the band is throwing in the towel...bummer. But as a reward for a job well done, Jägermeister is paying tribute to the band while offering fans a nice little momento in the form of special-edition Slayer bottles! It doesn't get much more metal than that.

Available now through Jäger's UK website, the 1.75 litre bottle features custom-made Slayer artwork and is presented in an engraved box and is limited to just 500 bottles.

The Slayer Jäger costs £100, which is pretty steep, *but* the box can be personalized. For instance, you can add a wholesome phrase such as, "Give me a reason not to rip your fucking face off," from "Exile," which is fitting for life's everyday struggles. This release is timed to commemorate Slayer’s performance at the UK’s Download festival next month.

The bad news is, Jägermeister won’t ship them outside of the UK...another huge loss for the American people (and everyone else outside of the UK).

"We’ve had some good times with Jägermeister through the years," said Slayer guitarist Kerry King. "We love that they’re creating a limited edition bottle to recognise the end of our journey and it looks awesome. I’m honored that our friends at Jägermeister hold us in such high regard. I can’t wait to get my hands on one."

Slayer are just about to wrap up the North American leg of their final world tour with Lamb of God, Amon Amarth and Cannibal Corpse and will return to Europe on June 4th, where they’ll play in Poland.

See the remaining dates here.


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