'Clerks' Meets 'Monster Squad' In New Pitch Trailer For 'The Last Blockbuster&#3

Rewind the tapes. Stock the candy. Prepare for the apocalypse.

How's this for a mashup, Clerks meets The Monster Squad with a dash of Big Trouble In Little China! If that sounds awesome to you, stop reading and check out the concept/pitch trailer for The Last Blockbuster below. I'll wait...

Interested? Well here's some more info on the project! The Last Blockbuster (named and shot well before the similarly titled documentary, no relation.) is a feature film written by Brian Rosenthal, who's been dying to make the film for years now, and you can help make it a reality! Read on.

In the film, "When a pair of lifelong movie geeks must suddenly band together with a motley crew of strangers inside one of the last remaining video rental stores and attempt to survive, perhaps even stop the supernatural apocalypse happening just outside their doors."

"Currently the script is completed, we have the concept trailer and a look book/pitch deck. The only thing we’re missing is a producer to help us get the feature funded and off the ground," explains Rosenthal. "After knocking on a few doors in Hollywood, I realized my best chance was to leave the project’s fate in the hands of the internet and fellow retro horror hounds. With a little luck, maybe it’ll go viral and land on a producer’s desk, who knows? My heart and soul is in this thing. It’s the ultimate love letter to the glory days of video rental and creature features. I hope people connect with it."

In any case, you decide the film's fate. If you want to see this concept trailer get made into a film, share the hell out of it! And if you happen to be a producer or know one, contact Brian Rosenthal.


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