Taika Waititi Promises 'Shadows' Spinoff 'We're Wolves' Will Happen Before We Di

We're Wolves Taika Waititi

The world of What We Do in the Shadows is chock full of spinoff potential, and thus far we've been treated to two projects in the form of "Wellington Paranormal" and FX’s "What We Do in the Shadows", both TV series. But what about that other movie?

Film and series creators Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement have been throwing around the idea of a sequel focusing on the films werewolves (not swearwolves), cleverly titled We're Wolves, for years now, and Waititi *sort of* provided an update on the project during an Emmys FYC event this past Wednesday (via Indiewire).

"We’re Wolves is the film that Jemaine and I keep pretending that we’re making," said Waititi. "Every couple of years we say, we’re making this new film called We’re Wolves, which follows the werewolves from the film. I feel bad to even mention it now because we keep saying it, [but] it’s like a dad saying, ‘Yeah, I’ll be home for Christmas.’ It’s not like we don’t want to come home for Christmas. We would like nothing more but we have a lot of shit going on."

Waititi wouldn’t provide any specific timeline, but he joked to the fan who asked about the movie, "When are you going to die? Do you have a … deadline before your death? I guarantee it before then. Five years, 10 years? It took us seven years to write the [first] film, so you do the math. That was a sad thing to say."

Basically, don't hold your breath on We're Wolves just yet. For now, just keep enjoying "What We Do in the Shadows" on FX, which was recently renewed for a second season. And bes sure not to miss the season finale on Wednesday, May 29th!