[Fantaspoa Review] 'True Fiction' Is A Modern Indie Horror Masterpiece

Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes even our most precious dreams can turn to nightmares.

Braden Croft’s True Fiction follows Avery Malone (Sara Garcia), a young, naive, aspiring writer who is handpicked by her favorite author, Caleb Conrad (John Cassini) in order to assist him in writing his next novel. No longer interested in writing works of fiction, Caleb convinces Avery to Participate in what he refers to as a “controlled experiment in fear”. He wants to document, control, and understand Avery’s thoughts and emotional responses.

After introducing himself and explaining his motives, Caleb has Avery sign a contract stating that she is participating in his experiment willingly. To the average observer you would think this would set off some red flags but she is so desperate for his approval that she signs the contract without knowing what true horrors await her. From here on out the story moves quickly and as a viewer you begin to experience the sense of fear and uncertainty along with Avery as she fights for her sanity.

True Fiction is a hidden gem. The acting seen here is impeccable. Each test Avery is subjected to is so convincing that you yourself become entangled in not only the experiment but the feeling of fear itself. Sara Garcia and John Cassini work together so beautifully. You can really feel their chemistry on screen. John reminds me a lot of Christian Slater in the best possible way. He has that same brilliance and charisma. Sara’s ability to really tap in to Avery’s personality and display her emotions as if they were her own is just incredible.

I did not want this movie to end. I do not say that lightly. True Fiction is a clever psychological thriller that feeds on your deepest, darkest fears. Everyone has a trigger that frightens them to their very core. This film finds it and exposes it in the best possible way.

I give True Fiction a solid, well-earned 10/10 nightmares. Brilliantly executed from the first credit to the last word spoken. I will definitely be looking for more work from Braden Croft in the future!

True Fiction held its World Premiere on Friday, May 24th at the fifteenth annual Fantaspoa Film Fest.


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