Cinepocalypse Debuts New Bloody Promo Trailer For Rare 'Tammy And The T-Rex' Gore-Cut Screen

The annual Cinepocalypse, Chicago’s premiere festival for electrifying and provocative genre cinema, returns to the Music Box Theatre on June 13th for eight days of features, shorts, events and surprises, including eight fantastic break-out world premieres, and there's one film that we absolutely cannot wait to see!

Back in 1994, one year after Spielberg's dinosaur epic, Jurassic Park, a love story like no other named Tammy and the T-Rex was released. The film is described as "a ’90s Disney Channel movie on bath salts, starring Denise Richards as the titular T-Rex love interest."

The never-before-seen, never-known-to-exist, R-rated ‘Gore-cut’ 35mm print of the film will screen for the first time ever at the event, courtesy of the Academy Film Archive!

In the film directed by Stewart Raffill (Mac and Me), “An evil scientist implants the brain of Michael, a murdered high school student, into a Tyrannosaurus. He escapes, wreaks vengeance on his high school tormentors and is reunited with his sweetheart Tammy.”

The late Paul Walker also starred in the cult classic. Check out a new promo video created for the event with more exciting announcements below!


It's all been building up to this! Twenty-five years after Chazz, Rex, & Pip shred our minds and held us hostage with squirt guns, The Lone Rangers are back on the big screen in Airheads—screening from a rare 35mm print, possibly for the first time since its initial 1994 release! Brendan Fraser—effortlessly sporting luscious metalhead locks to end them all—Steve Buscemi, and Adam Sandler are three lovable buffoons on a mission to get their band’s demo played on the radio at any cost.

This spoof of heavy-metal culture (fitting seamlessly into our most metal year yet!) that also respects the vitality and pent-up passion behind it features a powerhouse supporting cast from the likes of Chris Farley, Chicago’s own Joe Mantegna, Michael McKean, Ernie Hudson, David Arquette, Judd Nelson, and so many more.

“Airheads has always been a favorite of mine and was the most fun movie to make… ever!” says director Michael Lehmann (Heathers, Hudson Hawk), who will proudly be there for our Closing Night screening. “Can’t wait to see all three Lone Rangers and Lemmy rock the big screen again. Turn it up!”

Print courtesy of the Phil Blankenship collection at the Academy Film Archive.


John Bloom, best known as his alter ego, "Joe Bob Briggs," is a nationally syndicated "drive-in movie critic" whose wisecracking take on B-movies was featured on two long-running late-night television shows, first on The Movie Channel and then on TNT. That tradition continues with his latest series, "The Last Drive-In", currently featured on AMC's Shudder streaming platform.

Joe Bob comes to CFF for a rare Chicago appearance on June 18th to host a very special event, How Rednecks Saved Hollywood - a fast-and-furious two hours with America's drive-in movie critic where he dives into the history of rednecks in America, as told through the classics of both grindhouse and mainstream movies.

Festival badges and individual passes are available now at

Check out the full festival lineup here.


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