Upcoming Book 'The Complete History Of Ghoulies' Gets Retro VHS Style Cover Art

Complete History of Ghoulies VHS Cover Art

Kicking off in 1985 and spawning four films over a nine year span, the Ghoulies franchise brought its own brand of rubber monster mayhem to the television screen (and our hearts), and this year the franchise is back in the form of a companion book! Titled The Complete History of Ghoulies, the book was written by Graham Le Neve Painter and will be released by Miami Fox Publishing.

Check out the newly revealed cover art below.

In a recent conversation with Blazing Minds, Painter gave more details on the upcoming book.

"I’ve been running a Ghoulies Fansite and social media channels for years and it was suggested that I gather all the info I have and release a book," Painter told the site. "I spent a year tracking down cast and crew and putting The Ghoulies Companion together. Then I realised the couple of publishers I thought would be interested weren’t, and I was at a bit of a loose end. I decided to put what I had together the best I could, and self-published what was really a Ghoulies fanzine. I then get an email from Bryn Hammond at Miami Fox publishing saying they’ve seen the book and want to release an expanded and official version. I’ve spent the last few months re-writing, chasing more interviewees, and expanding this project immeasurably."

He teases, "There’s going to be stuff in here you never thought you’d see! There’s stuff in here I never thought I’d see! Hundreds of Ghoulies photos, posters, ads, newspaper/magazine articles, personal cast and crew pictures, script excerpts and so much more. Interview wise I’ve learnt so much more about the making of these films its insane. There’s a lot of juicy stuff in here! Even the most hardcore Ghoulies fan will be surprised!"

The Complete History of Ghoulies is planned for a release this Halloween.

Complete History of Ghoulies VHS Cover Art