[Review] Aesthetic Perfection 'Gods And Gold' Music Video

Aesthetic Perfection God and Gold Review

First released by Alternative Press, Aesthetic Perfection has a new music video for the opener to their most recent album Into the Black (check out my review here), “Gods and Gold.” The clip is the second from the album to get a video treatment, behind “No Boys Allowed,” and the visuals are something to behold here. Using two distinct over-the-top looks, which singer/programmer Daniel Graves dub “Black Hat” and “White Hat,” as well as a kneeling prisoner in an underground cave, the religious iconography and symbolism is on display for the viewer’s pleasure.

Black Hat and White Hat seem to have heavy inspiration from the world of drag, or perhaps that’s just the drag queen in me seeing what I want to see. Granted, they’re not outright feminine-presenting, but that contour on Black Hat? Please. In any case, these two personae help establish the duality that comes with the dubious nature of organized religion. The glamour is turned all the way up, which is not something I would typically expect from Daniel or AP as a whole, but I’m honestly here for it. Clint Carney, who previously directed the video for AP’s “Love Like Lies,” executed a great concept here, and really helped to put the message behind “Gods and Gold” to film.

Check out the video below, and order Into the Black via Close to Human Music.