Scream Factory Celebrating Pride Month With A Special 'The Babadook' Blu-ray

Babadook Blu-ray Pride Month Scream Factory

Thanks to the unpredictable world of social media, viral videos and passionate fans (with a good sense of humor), The Babadook became an unexpected and embraced LGBTQ mascot back in 2017 and even carried over into last year as well, all thanks to a Netflix glitch. This year, Scream Factory is having a bit of fun by flinging the closet doors open even further to cement his status!

By that, we mean they're celebrating Pride Month by releasing a special variant of their Blu-ray release of the film, new slipcover and all!

To further celebrate Pride Month, a percentage of all sales during the month of June will be going to the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Their organization provides valuable and much-needed services to many, not just in L.A. but across the country. We also encourage you to consider donating directly

Scream Factory details, "We’ve created a special release with participation from our fine partners at IFC Midnight: an official limited edition and numbered Pride Month-themed slipcover packaging that will be shrink-wrapped over our existing Blu-ray release. The slipcover has a gloss finish with embossed highlights."

Only 2,500 are being made. This variant will be sold exclusively on and is available to ship out this month.

Babadook Blu-ray Pride Month Scream Factory