Thom Mathews Will Return As Tommy Jarvis And Face Jason In 'Never Hike Alone' Sequels

Thom Mathews Returns As Tommy  Never Hike Alone Sequels

In a conversation with Bloody Disgusting back in April, the team behind the wonderful Friday the 13th fan film Never Hike Alone (Womp Stomp Films) is planning to expand the franchise with upcoming sequels, and they've dropped a teaser on Twitter this week that an official announcement is coming soon!

The account tweets, "To hell with the lawsuit, who’s ready for the Friday the 13th show down of the century? Ghost Jason vs Tommy Jarvis will happen in the Never Hike Alone sequels! Official Announcement coming this fall!"

As many of you know, in Never Hike Alone, Jason Lives star Thom Mathews made a cameo appearance, and a new photo teases that Mathews will be back as Tommy Jarvis!

"If fans were impressed with Never Hike Alone one, what we have in store coming up, I think, is really gonna show the world what fans can do," director Vincente DiSanti told BD.

Stay tuned for more details!