[Album Review] The Necromancers 'Of Blood And Wine'

Of Blood and Wine is the second album from the French band, The Necromancers. With deep Black Sabbath and distorted, upbeat bluesy/doom metal vibes, this album has an even darker feel than the first album. They definitely have a unique sense of artistry and I really feel it when listening to the albums as a whole. The last track is an instrumental, but it’s extremely thematic and I feel sets the tone for their next album. It isn’t an instrumental how most people view them, it adds lots of elements most don’t find as enticing in one track to encompass the storyline and where it’s going from here. “Secular Lord” is also one of my new favorite songs. I’m excited to see their next release, and hoping they’ll be able to come to America before too long!

“Join the Dead Ones” has a heavy guitar tone that’s almost macabre. It feels like it’s setting the mood for a heinous ritual. The different guitar pieces lead the album strong. The verses are really solid plus seem extremely melodic yet simple somehow. I love all the writing that went into this and the rest of the album. “Erzebeth” is an 11 min. long song, but features many different music pieces you don’t want to miss. The intro is very Black Sabbath like with an overlaying, menacing bass riff as the guitars strum to a sporadic melody, slowly drawing the listeners in. As the first verse begins, a galloping beat leads us to the first lyrics. There are lots of subtle changes they tie into the music to break the monotony. After the second verse, the pre-bridge is an almost endless cascading guitar riff. Guitar solo started really rhythmic with the other guitar, before the melody switches up to a bluesy guitar solo. There is also a spoken part ominously voicing over the music in a tide of the instruments before it drives through the new melody until the song abruptly ends.“Of Blood and Wine” is the ballad of the album with a solemn intro, with a soft acoustic guitar and soft singing only. Slowly, the bass and electric guitar mellowly join the accompaniment.

“Secular Lord” has power-driving guitars with a rock 'n' roll sound. The beat and melody are extremely enticing. It does mellow out with same chord progression for the verses. There is a really cool jam-out before going back into pre-verse and extending it before next verse, and then writing lots of different instrumental pieces near the end. It started to remind me of Castlevania on the NES, or another old video game music that gave me happy feelings of nostalgia. “Secular Lord” defiantly ends the more upbeat music on the album before leading into “Lust”. We’re heading into dangerous territory now, an ominous beginning with vocals singing of temptations and betrayal, before the instruments slowly build up and the vocals get grittier. Halfway through the song, the instruments pick up for a jam session with new leads and progressions. There’s a new pace and music piece for lyrics with sincere vocals with a bluesy ending. “The Gathering” has an epic intro of a monk/chorus chant for a few minutes before going into a few minutes of a slower instrumental piece. This song is musically stimulating, and it gradually gets heavier toned and more assertive. Low screams nearing their end become faintly audible, with a church bell chiming, and more screaming from others to close out. This song is extremely thematic and sums up the whole theme to Of Blood and Wine.

The Necromancer's Of Blood and Wine is now available from Ripple Music.


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