Spirit Halloween Unleashes Life-Size Replica Terror Dog From 'Ghostbusters'

Spirit Halloween Ghostbusters Terror Dog Replica

In celebration of Ghostbusters Day over the weekend, Spirit Halloween unleashed an incredible new decoration for this year's Halloween season, a life-size replica Terror Dog from the original Ghostbusters, measuring 30" tall and 59" long!

The officially licensed replica weighs a little less than 50 pounds, and is made of latex and foam. The Terror Dogs eyes even light up a glowing red, and most importantly, batteries are included!

Spirit details, "Your favorite Ghostbusters character is alive! This life-size Terror Dog replica will make all of your guests stare in fear and give them a thrill as its eyes light up a glowing red. Once the beast is unleashed, we suggest you run while you can! It could be too late once this demonic dog has you in its grip!"

It will cost you a pretty penny though, priced at $499, with a shipping date of on or before August 21st, 2019.

You can pre-order yours today!

Spirit Halloween Ghostbusters Terror Dog Replica

Spirit Halloween Ghostbusters Terror Dog Replica