From The Director Of 'Hectic Knife' Comes 'Psycho Ape', Now Funding On Kickstarter

Psycho Ape Kickstarter Greg Deliso

Hide your bananas boys...

Addison Binek, creator of Tromasterpiece Theatre, and Greg DeLiso, director of Hectic Knife, invite you to participate in the production of their new killer gorilla movie, Psycho Ape, which has already raised nearly 300% of its funding goal on Kickstarter!

Psycho Ape is a comedy/horror movie done in the style of a low budget Troma/Roger Corman/Grindhouse production. and is described as "an Airplane!/Mel Brooks-esque spoof of John Carpenter's Halloween, King Kong, and John Landis' Schlock."

The filmmakers detail the plot:

A gorilla escapes from the Detroit zoo and begins a serial killing spree. He is hunted down by the zookeeper, Dr. ZOOmis, played by actor Bill Weeden (Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D., Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV) after massacring a teen girl slumber party.

Kansas Bowling (B.C. Butcher, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) will play Nancy Banana, a monkey-loving ape-obsessed teenage girl, and sole survivor of the aforementioned slumber party banana massacre. She ends up writing a tell-all memoir about surviving "The Banana Murders."

The ape is caught and incarcerated, where he is tortured and psychologically abused A Clockwork Orange-style, but eventually breaks out of jail during a poo-flinging prison riot. The ape reunites with Nancy Banana and whisks her off to New York City, where the climax of the film ends in a big chase scene through Times Square and atop the Empire State Building a la King Kong.

Think Ed Wood filmmaking, but with excessive fake blood and comedy! (Basically a guy in a phony gorilla costume will be going around killing people with bananas.)

If this film sounds like it's up your alley, head on over the the Kickstarter campaign and contribute today.

Psycho Ape Kickstarter Greg Deliso