First Look At Horror Short 'The Pale Faced Lady 2'

Pale Faced Lady 2 First Look

Filmmaker Jeff Payne had the horror community a buzz with his creepy nightmare, The Pale Faced Lady. Today, we get the announcement that a sequel isn't far away. The first installment was a stylistic scary short film that left us all wanting more scares. All we can tell about the upcoming, The Pale Faced Lady 2 is what's in these exclusive photos, the rest is a mystery. What new direction are you taking The Pale Faced Lady in with this sequel? Jeff Payne: "The first one was more narrative driven, giving you the setting, a bit of the story, and what Pale Faced Lady is capable of. With this one, I'm focusing on the one character who gets stalked by her in real time. He also unknowing has a part in the creation of this entity." If you missed the original film, you can watch it below. Payne is also known for his fan film smash hit, Michael vs. Jason that answered the question who would win in the ultimate slasher battle.

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Pale Faced Lady 2 First Look