Paramount And Blumhouse Developing New 'Paranormal Activity' Movie

New Paranormal Activity Blumhouse Paramount

It's been nearly half a decade since we've gotten a new Paranormal Activity film, as we were taken to The Ghost Dimension back in 2015, but we've learned today that another film is now in the works!

Deadline reports today out of CineEurope that Paramount and Blumhouse are partnering up once again to bring the found footage franchise back to life.

Jim Gianopulos, Paramount’s Studio Chairman and CEO, announced: "We are partnering with uber horror producer Jason Blum to bring a new installment of Paranormal Activity."

At the time of writing this, the seventh film in the franchise has no title or further details.

Around the time of its release in 2015, The Ghost Dimension was said to be the last film in the franchise, but we all know how that goes. Franchises in the horror genre are never really dead...