Glenn Danzig's Instant Cult Hit 'Verotika' To Screen In Los Angeles On June 25th

The Music Box Theatre's annual Cinepocalypse comes to an end tonight after an insane week of huge premieres and other surprises. One of the biggest being the opening night World Premiere of Glenn Danzig's Verotika, a direct adaptation of his comic books that became the buzz of the film community when critics hailed it as an instant cult favorite, joining the ranks of best-worst-movies The Room and Birdemic.

I was one of the fortunate audience members to attend the premiere and called it "The Room of horror anthologies" in my review.

Danzig was in attendance to present the film and for a post-screening Q&A, and even though he didn't understand all of the laughter, his passion for the project was apparent. He made the movie his way, and was proud to share it with the horror world. If anything, Verotika is as authentic as it gets, and doesn't try to be outrageously bad like Sharknado. It's a must-see film!

Fans were worried that Danzig was going to find a way to bury his short lived film career, but thankfully, it seems he's come to terms with his disasterpiece and will be presenting it in Los Angeles next week! The screening takes place on Tuesday, June 25th @8PM at the Cinelounge at the Montalban – Montalban.

Tickets are still available, although it’s likely going to sell out. Don't miss your chance to be a part of history!


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