Bear McCreary's 'Child's Play' Score Is Now Available On Vinyl From Waxwork Records

One of the most unique and striking elements of Orion and Lars Klevberg’s Child’s Play is the original score from Bear McCreary ("The Walking Dead", Godzilla: King of the Monsters), which features haunting tunes composed solely with toys and handheld instruments!

If you enjoyed the score as much as we did, you can now pre-order it from Waxwork Records, available as a special deluxe double LP vinyl edition.

Inspired by Chucky’s toy origins, McCreary used his own voice to create an ominous "kids choir" and collaborated closely with legendary actor Mark Hamill who sings the track for the film, "The Buddi Song".

McCreary challenged himself by composing a score solely with toys and handheld instruments, completely avoiding traditional orchestra. Toy pianos, slinkies, xylophones, rattles, ukuleles, accordions, kazoos, hurdy gurdies, and more are married with a variety of synthesizers, percussion, violin, viola, cello, and bass to create a wholly original, terrifying, and dynamic score.

Album features include the complete film music by Bear McCreary, double 180 gram "Chucky’s Eyes" colored vinyl (Blue and Red), artwork by Phantom City Creative, composer liner notes, a 12"x12" insert, and deluxe packaging.

You can pre-order today for $36 with an expected August ship date.


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