Sid's 'Toy Story' Mutants Get Revenge On Chucky In 'Child's Play' Fan Art

Child's Play Mutant Toys Revenge Art

He killed their friends. Now they wanna play.

For the past several weeks now, Orion's marketing campaign for Lars Klevberg's Child's Play has seen Chucky killing off many of the beloved characters from the Toy Story franchise, a fun play at the film's shared theatrical release with Toy Story 4. Today, the toys from the Pixar films (specifically Sid's Mutant Toys) get their revenge in a phenomenal piece of "clapback" art from artist Jason A. Messina!

Messina wrote on Twitter, "I made this Toy Story clapback poster in response to the posters of the new Child’s Play movie – Chucky killing Woody, Buzz, etc. While those posters are really great, it seemed fitting that the "storyline" would continue w/ the Mutant Toys getting some much deserved revenge."

At present, director Josh Cooley's new entry in the Toy Story franchise boasts a very impressive 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it's expected to best Child's Play this weekend with $140 million or more at the domestic box office.

Find out what if would look like if the Mutant Toys exacted their revenge in Jason's art below!

Child's Play Mutant Toys Revenge Art