[Review] 'Trespassers' Is A Unique, Multifaceted Genre Piece

Trespassers Orson Oblowitz Review

Trespassers is a story you’ve seen before. Or is it?

Sarah (Angela Trimbur) and her boyfriend Joseph (Zach Avery) decide to rent a beautiful home in the desert in order to work on their relationship issues. After recently reconnecting with her best friend from High School, Estelle (Janel Parrish), Sarah invites her and her boyfriend, Victor (Jonathan Howard) to join them on their getaway.

Within the first evening of their stay they encounter a woman (Fairuza Balk) claiming to be a neighbor who is experiencing some sort of car trouble. The couples night takes an interesting turn as the woman starts to make herself a little too comfortable.

Trespassers (formerly titled Hell Is Where the Home Is) manages to achieve what very few films have accomplished seamlessly. Having multiple story lines existing at once while changing the plot is an extremely risky move but the execution was done exceptionally well.

Going away with friends and encountering an unknown person is a concept that is terrifying because it could happen to anyone. This movie makes you think. What would you do in this situation?

Trespassers Orson Oblowitz Review

Jonathan Howard’s performance as Victor is perfection. He’s that kind of macho guy with an attitude that you love to hate. The acting by the entire cast is what helps make this film so successful. It was really great to see Fairuza Balk on screen again. Her performance was flawless.

I love the style of the home they chose for the film. Being able to see throughout the entire home from the outside makes you wonder what will happen next. The phenomenal music by Jonathan Snipes and the cinematography by Noah Rosenthal really help bring this story to life. There is so much going on in Trespassers, but it isn’t overwhelming. Instead, it is creative, calculated, and overly original.

I give Trespassers a solid 10/10. I was very impressed with this film and look forwarding to seeing more from director Orson Oblowitz, and writer Corey Deshon.

Trespassers opens in theaters and on VOD on July 12th.

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